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Creating a Digital Portfolio (CV)

In this workshop, participants had the opportunity to show their work and career to the general public using a portfolio web. They have learned that: what is a web portfolio ?; What should a web portfolio contain ?; What is the importance of having a web portfolio? etc ... Then create a RESUME which they will display in the portfolio. And finally, they created their own web where they put their data and put it on the vast web of web sites!

The methodology used during this training was mainly interactive and having a conversation about the topic with the participants. I also used presentations to make the participants as clear as possible. During the time we programmed the website I first explained what role the code plays then we started writing it! Frequently asked questions to participants and quick tasks have made it even more productive.

All participants have obtained the necessary knowledge and created their web portfolio and published it. In addition, they have been very inquisitive about other topics related to programming and computer science, where they have also received information! They have also been able to create in this form the web where as an example we have the web portfolio created by one of the participants, Puhiza Shemsedini

In the end, all participants were certified and were satisfied with this training. And they have also expressed a desire to have even more workshops with digital skills. Also as a trainer I am satisfied with the achievement of the group and their work.


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